Kik: Sharkhands
Snapchat: JJ-Rekka

im a 22 year old gamer and tattoo enthusiast from portsmouth uk, i love photography and music too.

Ive been in various metal bands from the south coast, and i used to work in zooz kustom ink tattoo studio.

now im working in cex portsmouth, and spend my free time getting tattooed, playing video games, and being a general kid!

i live my life with no regrets and ill sleep when im dead.

online im known as JJRekka or Sharkhands, and thats how you can find me.


i will always help those who deserve it.

just ask

Anonymous asked: Your tats are A+ 👌 You like monsters inc 👌 You play video games 👌 And you like being a kid 👌 Um. Date me?

Reveal yourself, and we will talk!

Travelodge Swag

Travelodge Swag

Anonymous asked: Do you have a bandaid? No? Oh that's too bad because I scraped my knee falling for you :D But seriously, all cheesy pickup lines aside, you're really attractive and your tattoos are incredible

Haha thats a class A line though. And thank you anonomous

Anonymous asked: Your face would look better between my legs...

Yeah? I wouldnt know mrs anon.

Anonymous asked: how old does a girl have to be to become your girlfriend?

As long as its legal >.

Anonymous asked: Can you be the father to my children

Uhm, show me yourself. And ill have a think.

alongcameatom asked: DO YOU HAVE MONSTER'S INC PLUGS

I certainly do. Favorite film of all time

This hotel is much better

This hotel is much better

Hounslow round 2. Cya in 5 days portsmouth.

Hounslow round 2. Cya in 5 days portsmouth.

Anonymous asked: I practically want you to fuck me

Okay, very upfront. I normally would take a name first.