Memoirs of a Gamer

I'm a 22 year old gamer and tattoo enthusiast from Portsmouth UK, I love photography and music too.

I do freelance Graphic Design under the handle JJRekka, for various indie shops and bands.

I've been in various metal bands from the south coast, and I used to work in Zooz Kustom Ink tattoo studio.

Now I'm working in CeX Portsmouth, and spend my free time getting tattooed, playing video games, and being a general kid!

I live my life with no regrets and ill sleep when im dead.

Online im known as JJRekka or Sharkhands, and that's how you can find me.


I will always help those who deserve it.

And my life is an open book.

Just ask.

treasuredplanet asked: yo, anon, try figuring out exactly what mm your jewelry is, because some american sizes(like your 8) have two different mm sizes with it. then when youve figured that out, get a mm size 1 up than that. itll help with stretching. you can go up 1 mm size rather than 2


Anonymous asked: I have size 8gauges in rn and I can't get my 6's in. Even after a hot shower it just won't go in. It's been like 5 months. Any suggestions ??

I dont know about ‘gauges’ in England we use mm, but is there a 7?? Or use PTFE tape to ‘tape your ears’



I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

Whenever I feel sad I just remember that this is a thing that happened

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Anonymous asked: Would you ever be friends with a 17 year old

I guess so

You can see my nerd poster/map wall slowly spreading. Wont be long till im engulfed.

You can see my nerd poster/map wall slowly spreading. Wont be long till im engulfed.

Anonymous asked: You're so good looking Ugh

Ughhh. Cheers

Anonymous asked: May you post a selfie pretty please?


Anonymous asked: would you be friends with a 14 year old?? o.O

I wont go out of my way to become friends with a 14 year old no. Except like cousins and friends siblings. Sorry.

Anonymous asked: I so want to unbutton your shirt after I read your reply ;3

What can i say, im a funny guy.