Memoirs of a Gamer

Kik: JJRekka
Snapchat: JJ-Rekka

I'm a 22 year old gamer and tattoo enthusiast from Portsmouth UK, I love photography and music too.

I do freelance Graphic Design under the handle JJRekka, for various indie shops and bands.

I've been in various metal bands from the south coast, and I used to work in Zooz Kustom Ink tattoo studio.

Now I'm working in CeX Portsmouth, and spend my free time getting tattooed, playing video games, and being a general kid!

I live my life with no regrets and ill sleep when im dead.

Online im known as JJRekka or Sharkhands, and that's how you can find me.


I will always help those who deserve it.

And my life is an open book.

Just ask.

Anonymous asked: How you feel about people calling you "gorgeous " , "cute", "handsome" ? Their right btw :x

Gorgeous i dont really hear anyone say ever. Cute is fine i guess, makes me feel 10 though haha. Handsome is the best of the three, but i dont think it applies here.

Anonymous asked: i agree with the other ask, totally gorgeous!

Im being ganged up on!

Anonymous asked: You're very fucking cute im so sorry xD

Don’t be sorry haha, Thank you =)

Anonymous asked: Well I speak the truth :) you really are

So you’re right I’m wrong? Aha

Anonymous asked: You're gorgeous :)

I don’t get called that often! Thank you aha

Anonymous asked: Would you ever date an American girl ?

Yeah, would depend on the accent though. Some are really nice, and some are like mega annoying!

Anonymous asked: What's the lowest you'll date ? And the Highest you'll date ?

Assuming this is the same thing? And not the most high person.

Anonymous asked: Youngest and oldest you'd date

Youngest, probly 18 as long as I can take them to get some drinks. Oldest? Very hazy, I’ve never involved myself with anyone older but as long as I didn’t notice the difference in age probly 29 (just cos 30 sounds much further away aha)

Anonymous asked: 5 words to describe yourself.

Trusting, Genuine, Intelligent, Loving, Passive.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a favorite scary , romance , comedy movie?

Not really, the only films I get blown away by are Disney ones the last couple years, everything else has been average